The Lane Alliance
Michele Lane

The Lane Alliance is a firm devoted to excellence in leadership development, executive coaching, and conflict transformation. With over thirty years’ experience in business and employment law, sales, management, coaching, and conflict resolution, founder Michele S. Lane can expertly help organizations navigate changes, challenges, and conflicts, enabling individuals, teams, and entire businesses to flourish. Whatever the industry or culture of your organization—private or public, for-profit or nonprofit—the Lane Alliance maintains comprehensive internal and external familiarity with issues disruptive to business in order to provide guidance that will create an atmosphere of positive change. Balancing a keen sense of compassion with an ability to assess behaviors quickly and fairly, Ms. Lane coaches executives and teams who are ready to optimize their potential, deploy their talents, and move forward with total confidence.

“I recommend Michele Lane as a success mentor and accountability partner. She has worked with me to implement the principles for success and continually provides an extremely effective and pragmatic sounding board as well as actionable instruction and accountability. In each of our lives there are times we are honored to mentor—and times we are blessed by mentors. I am grateful for Michele’s guidance, friendship and genuine interest in my success.”–Nader Yassa, CPA, CPL/ME/IR Sage Financial

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