I remember attending classes here in the mid-eighties thru the early nineties! It’s been a long time and I’m happy to know you’re still open for business! I did tap, jazz, and ballet. 🙂 I moved to Chicago in ’92 and I couldn’t continue my dance education since my mom didn’t know of any schools, and when we did find one they were extremely discriminatory because I wasn’t the ideal ballet body type. I will always be grateful to Ridgewood for opening that dance door for me and helping me with my confidence and believing in me, that no matter what I looked like I could dance.

Novoa G Cepeda

Ridgewood Dance Studio Dancers , Ms. Chachi, Ms Florence

Ridgewood Dance Studio has been part of my life since 1976. I was there since the beginning of the Studio and at the age of 15 I was offered the Assistant Teacher position. I was thrilled because I loved to dance and I loved teaching our little divas. I moved to Florida for 7 years and then came back with my 5 year old daughter and she also was a student at the school for 10 years. I continue to dance because I find that this school gives me the support and joy of a close knit family. We travel on cruises together and we love to celebrate our life milestones together. I definitely recommend this special school because it has been a big part of my life.

Ms. Chachi

I went to Ridgewood Dance Studio from 8-18. Dance was a place of comfort and coming together with friends. Til this day I enjoy dancing and have a deeper appreciation for music and art because of those experiences. I now have an 18 year old daughter that has been dancing since the age of 7. She loves it and I love going to her shows.
Jessica Rivera

I started at Ridgewood Dance when I was 12 years old and I was extremely shy.  Dancing brought me complete joy and gave me the confidence to come out of my shell.   Ridgewood Dance Studio is like being a part of a family from the minute you enroll.  I was a member for almost 10 years and I miss the camaraderie to this day.  If I didn’t move, I’d still be a member.  It was the greatest years of my life.

Jennifer Mesnick

I have been dancing at Ridgewood Dance for 16 years.  I used to be very shy – I went to another dance studio but got kicked out because I didn’t want to leave my Mom’s side.  This studio really brought me out of my shell.  If you are looking for a dance studio…I would say just do it…you’re in for a great time and you will make friends to last a lifetime.  What is different about this studio is the family aspect.  You start viewing everyone as part of your family.  It’s great!  My biggest dance challenge would have to be the competitions…so many people watching and judging…but you have to have a great time and do your best.  There is a group for everyone…you’ll meet great people…and you’ll always want to come back!  Being on stage is nerve racking the first time but you just start to relax and just have fun…it is an amazing experience!  We have won many awards at competitions.  It is a great feeling to know that you worked hard on each dance and you’re rewarded for it.  At the competitions nobody goes home empty handed, everyone gets an award, no one is ever left out.

Alexis Negron

Ridgewood Dancers at StarQuest, Alexis Negron far right
Ridgewood Dance Class Saturdays at 3 pm

My daughter Laila has been dancing 3 years and it makes her very happy. It’s something that she looks forward to every week. Ridgewood Dance Studio is family-oriented. Time and effort developed such a wonderful bond. To watch your child perform onstage is deliciously emotional! Such a happy and proud feeling every year…as if it still were her first time dancing every time.

Nelly Perez

I have been dancing at Ridgewood Dance Studio for 4 years. It has helped me to be less shy…a better dancer…and to have more confidence in myself. Joining Ridgewood Dance would allow you to be a better dancer and meet interesting people. The teachers encourage you to do better even when you make mistakes. One of my greatest challenges has been competition time and when I first started dancing. This dance studio is very good and the teachers work closely with you. My Dad says it makes him feel good watching me on stage knowing that my self-confidence has improved greatly. I have also won a few awards!

Destiny Henry

Ridgewood Dance Studio Dancers, Destiny Henry
Ridgewood Dancers - Vanessa Scheller

I have been dancing for over 30 years.  Dancing is a family tradition for me and when I dance or teach I feel connected to my family even when they are far away.  You are in good hands sending your child to Ridgewood Dance.  The sense of family and unity, Florence’s love of dance and commitment to her students is exemplary.  Finding time for creative expression as a choreographer – usually when I teach, I am in public school with kids that have limited time and experience.  At Ridgewood I have well-trained dancers who allow me the freedom to choreograph as I feel the music.  This studio provides many different performance opportunities.  I’ve watched these little girls grow up and become amazing young adults.  My heart bursts with pride at their growth as dancers and as people.  I have won many awards, but it’s not about winning, it’s about having fun!

Vanessa Schneller

I have been dancing at Ridgewood Dance for 2 years and it is something that I look forward to. I love to dance. It’s a wonderful school and we recommend it to all of our friends. It is a family class and we feel like we are home with Ms. Florence and Ms. Chachi. This studio is one of the best. My granddaughter started there when she was 3 and she is now 25 years old and now teaches some of the girls. Such a great school! We feel so proud watching our children perform on stage. It’s an amazing feeling you cannot describe. We love Ridgewood Dance Studio.

Lindarose Velez Segrera

Ridgewood Dancers, including Lindarose Velez Segrera
Ridgewood Dancers, Kayla Colon left

I have been at Ridgewood Dance for 21 years. Dance has given me as much confidence as you can have, and even though you may not be the best there is you can still push through to go out for auditions to possibly make a career out of this. Your child or yourself would enjoy taking classes here as many will learn new things and grow as dancers, both on and off the stage! Ridgewood Dance Studio is not just a studio but more of a family. We are not treated as just customers but more of a sister, brother, daughter-type relationship. My greatest challenge has always been to just smile and perform throughout the dance. I’ve overcome this here being able to work and feel comfortable and confident enough to put all my passion into the dances. I have been dancing here for over 20 years and I wouldn’t have made any of the accomplishments without this dance studio or its great people. The advice I would give is to follow your heart and you will succeed. It feels amazing to be on stage – to express the passion and love we have for this craft through dance. It’s an overwhelming feeling of joy, happiness, determination, passion and love. We have won many awards at competitions starting with bronze and all the way to PLATINUM!! Plus many other judges’ special awards.

Kayla Colon

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