I have been dancing at the studio for over 14 years myself but have been there forever with my children. Ridgewood Dance Studio has been a great choice for us…it is not your usual dance studio..it is a warm atmosphere and everyone makes you feel at home. We have built a family here. My little dancers were in my tummy when I came to this studio. All the girls get along and have become sisters. We are all a big happy family – through good and hard times we are always there for each other. We have great memories and are definitely the best. I’ve been through ups and downs in life and they have always been there for me. They will never abandon you..not even at your worst! They will laugh and cry with you…and have been a shoulder to cry on! I can’t see my life without them in it! They are stuck with me forever!! All of my 3 girls have been dancing here and now my granddaughter enjoys her time at the studio. She loves the dance instructor/owner and calls her Mama Flo…they love each other! Florence treats her dancers as her own daughters. Being on stage feels great but watching my (our) girls is breathtaking! I (we), including the dance instructor, cry while watching our girls perform…it’s a beautiful thing…we laugh and cry! Our girls have won countless awards and trophies from dance competitions. They have been competing for years and love it – and always come out on top!

Nelly Rivera

Dancing with the Girls from Ridgewood Dance Studio, incl Nelly Rivera
Backstage with the Dancers from Ridgewood Dance Studios, incl Shamika Martir
I have been dancing at RDS for 20 years. It has taught me that no matter how hard life may get…dance is an outlet where you can find yourself and value your self-worth. I would highly recommend joining RDS…this place is more like a family gathering…you build lifelong relationships. RDS is a place where you can come to feel happy, safe, and loved by everyone even the other dancers, parents and teachers. I had to go to college and work full time…had a family of my own not leaving me much time for myself but the studio helped me overcome my daily challenges by providing me with support and guidance. If you are looking for a fun-loving environment where you can gain the ultimate satisfaction and skills…come to RDS. I am now 29 years old and I am proud to say I have all my costumes, trophies and videos of me dancing. I now enjoy watching my former classmates’ children dancing. It’s a great thing to receive an award every year on the dance team. Every competition we have been to we always came home with nothing lower than a gold. This shows hard work and dedication not only from dancers but also from Florence Webber.
Shamika Martir

I have been dancing at Ridgewood Dance Studio for 6 years and it has changed my life because now I get to express my feelings through dance. This is a great school and we learn and have fun at the same time. Ms. Florence and Ms. Chachi have lots of patience and are very loving. Ridgewood Dance Studio is not just a dance studio, it’s a family of dancers that brings you all together. When I am dancing on stage I feel like I am a Superstar…people watching me rock the stage! My group recently won High Gold awards at competition.
Sabrina Reyes

Performing with Ridgewood Dancers, Sabrina Reyes
Hailey: I have been dancing for 5 years. It has changed my life because now I try to practice and it’s really fun. I would tell someone if you are looking for a dance class come to Ridgewood Dance Studio. It’s like being with family. The dance teachers, the moms, the kids are great. At first I was afraid to perform but I overcame my fear because I perform a lot. It is a great school with teachers that are wonderful dancers. It’s so much fun and being with my group makes me happy. I have 5 trophies – one from competition and 4 for the 4 years I have been at the studio.

Mom: I enjoy watching Hailey do something she loves and get better every year. I would say that Ridgewood Dance is a wonderful school and I recommend it to everyone who has kids. It is a wonderful school with wonderful people. It’s emotional and amazing seeing my daughter perform on stage.

Hailey (daughter) and Charlette (Mom) Vazquez

Ridgewood Dance Studio is a friendly, fun and entertaining dance atmosphere taught by professionals that have been in the competitive dance industry for over 30 years. From basic dance routines, to innovative technical moves, Zumba and much more, you will never feel out of place. I joined Ridgewood Dance Studio when I was only 3 years old from 1989 through 1997 and could never forget or let go of the exciting experience that took place.

Ridgewood Dance Studio taught me more than just groovy, hip dance routines. It has taught me many benefits that I use throughout my journey of life. I learned the importance of team work by following the dance steps of my classmates and making sure we are all in sync. I grew confidence by practicing techniques in front of the mirror, ballet lessons gave me perfect posture, hip hop lessons showed me how to be cool. Most importantly, Ridgewood Dance Studio showed me to be comfortable in my own skin. I always looked forward to class and dance recitals; dressing up in costumes, wearing fun make-up, accessories, and taking pictures.

Florence Webber is a great leader with a big accepting heart. She loves all of her dancers and we love her. The dance shows which are organized by Florence and her team are always exciting with fast stage transitions, and unforgettable moments. After a 16 year break I found myself re-joining Ridgewood Dance Studio and it feels as if I never left. It is for sure a stress reliever and keeps me active, healthy, and happy.

What I would do without you Ridgewood Dance Studio?

Kimberly Morales

On stage with the Dancers of Ridgewood Dance Studio

This is my 15th year at Ridgewood Dance Studio and my daughter’s 16th year.  I came to Ridgewood  Dance  Studio  after an unpleasant experience at another dance  school.   My  extremely  shy  4  year  old  daughter was penalized for not being able to walk into the dance classroom by  herself without my assistance.  Try explaining that to a 4 year old who couldn’t  have  anyone  even  looking at her – that she needed to be a big
girl and do this on her own.  After a few inquiries, my girlfriend suggested Ridgewood, where both her daughters attended and we  have  never  looked  back! Seeing her perform on stage with the biggest smile on her face surrounded by her  “dance  sisters”  and  the joy  it  brings  her  is priceless.  16 incredible years later – it was the best decision made!

Arlene Negron

Ridgewood Dance Studio cultivates creativity and fun while providing structure and discipline. Ms. Florence is patient and kind while leading all age groups to produce several exciting shows throughout each year of dance and compete in several competitions. I danced with Ms. Florence some years ago and when the time came for my daughter to dance, I knew Ms. Florence was the teacher I wanted her to learn from. My daughter has danced with Ms. Florence for two years now and loves every minute of it. It is with the utmost sincerity I highly recommend Ridgewood Dance Studio and Ms. Florence to anyone interested in learning how to dance, be part of a team and express themselves through movement. The Ridgewood Dance Studio team is a family and one is lucky to be a part of such a special group of people.

Christine K.